We offer unique range of bituminous products, which are characterized by impermeability, durability and resistance to deformation. Our range encompasses bituminous oil primer, bituminous water primer, bitumen sealing compound, bitumen emulsion, expansion joint filler board, aluminum paints and many more. Our bituminous products are homogeneous mortar, that are made mixing superior quality bitumen, mineral fillers and fine aggregates.

Polymer Modified Bitumen

Polymer Modified Bitumen On the majority of roads, conventional bitumen performs satisfactorily. However, high traffic intensity, increasing axle load and daily and seasonal variations in temperature of the pavement lead to an early development of distress symptoms like raveling, rutting, undulations, cracking, bleeding, shoving and potholing ofbituminous surfaces. The properties of bitumen can be modified by adding certain additives -called modifiers. Thermoplastic elastomers when used as bitumen modifiers significantly improve the deformation resistance and fatigue characteristics.

Advantages of PMB:
  • Lower susceptibility to temperature variations
  • Higher cohesiveness
  • Improved fatigue resistance reducing
  • Reflective cracks.
  • High stiffness modulus leading to higher resistance to deformation and wear and tear
  • Improved adhesion with the aggregates.

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Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen

Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen Bengal's CRMB is specially formulated bitumen whose properties have been modified and improved by adding crumb rubbers and some special additives. The use of crumb is now a fairly established practice and is covered by IRC SP 53-2002.

Advantages of CRMB
  • Lower susceptibility to daily and seasonal temperature variations.
  • Higher resistance to deformation and wear and tear at elevated temperatures.
  • Better adhesion between aggregate and binder.
  • Increase in fatigue life.
  • Delay in cracking & reflective cracking.
  • Prevents rutting.
  • Better water resistance.

Types of CRMB
  • CRMB 60: Recommended for hot climate areas
  • CRMB 55: Recommended for moderate climate areas
  • CRMB 50: Recommended for cold climate areas

  • Mixing / Coating: 170 - 185°C
  • Laying: 150° - 170°C
  • Beginning of Compaction: over 140°C
  • End of Compaction: 110° - 120°C

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